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Studio School is a rigorous learning environment driven by the method of Studio Based Learning (SBL). Studio School students learn by designing. In Studio School, learners propose solutions to ambiguous questions, critique those propositions through judgment from self and others, and iterate their proposals in ever more effective designs.

Brocato & Monson, 2007



Making STEAM to Celebrate Arts

Take a few minutes to nominate an accomplished female artist from the Golden Triangle community for the STEAM ("A" is for Arts) Women's Walk of Fame using the form . Studio School Summer campers 2010 representing Starkville, Noxubee, and Oktibbeha will make the 2010 STEAM Women's Walk of Fame for their main camp design project. The display will be open for critique at local arts events. Campers will choose 10 local women artists to honor from those nominated. Campers will then videotape a brief interview with each honoree and create a biography poster, video, and/or book. The first women's walk was displayed around the community throughout the 2009-2010 school year from the Studio School Summer Camp's iteration I--the 2009 STEM Women's Walk of Fame. STEM stands forScience, Technology, Engineering, and Math and so highlighted successful women in these careers.Campers are continuing their propose-critique-iterate design cycle this year in iteration II of the women's walk to honor local female artist.

Summer 2010

Studio School Student Research Showcased


Amy Tuck makes history come to life for Studio School students during the 2010 College of Education Research Forum. Students presented their ongoing research, begun in Studio School Summer camp, on local Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math(STEM) women professionals. The Forum, in its third year, provides opportunity for graduate students to present research via poster displays. Meeting Tuck provided a real life ethnographic research encounter for Studio School students whose inquiry through conversations with Tuck gave them a deeper understanding of the leadership roles of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Mayor, Vice Mayor, and alder people. Studio School students pictured here with Tuck are (left to right) Tia Jones, Jamaria Davis, Brittany Dobbins, Asha Wordlaw, Shaquilla Williams, Erica Moje, Yakendra Smith, and Devarius Rice. Also pictured is graduate student Julie Restor, whose Studio School Camp research on current literacy practice was highlighted at the forum.

January, 2010



In Studio School Pre-Algebra class, students have demonstrated deeper understanding of mathematical concepts, fluency, and comprehension by making connections between algebra and real-life, engineering professions. Studio School student teams are currently competing in a National Toy Design Competition sponsored by Camgian Mycrosystems. Below (front left to right) LaGorgeous Jackson, Tymetric Taylor, Danny Dale (back left to right) Raheem Gillespie, Denzel Clemons, Monica Hill, Antonio Boyd, and Trayon Young experiment with infrared sensors. Students were completely engaged in technology discovering how math and science are used in designing surveillance systems with Derek Sharpe, Camgian Engineer.

December 16, 2009



At the Program of Research and Evaluation for Public Schools (PREPS) Winter Conference on Wednesday, December 9, 2009, Noxubee County School District officials shared about the Studio School Pre-Algebra classroom currently in progress at B. F. Liddell Middle School. Speakers pictured below (left to right) were Dr. Mildred Gibson, Lead Teacher Noxubee County School District (NCSD); Dr. Kevin Jones, Superintendent NCSD; Dr. Jerome Smith, Assistant Superintendent, Oktibbeha County School District; Dr. Kay Brocato, Associate Professor, College of Education(COE) in Leadership and Foundations at Mississippi State University; Dr. Pat Johnson-Scott, Principal, B.F. Liddell Middle School; Dr. Kim Patterson, Director Mississippi Writing Thinking Institute; and Dr. Frankie Keels Williams, COE Department Head in Leadership and Foundations at MSU. The team shared how Studio School students' are experiencing enhanced school engagement, academic performance, future perspective, and social-emotional stability. Studio School Pre-Algebra classroom teachers are Monica Robinson, Reginald Roby, and Vera Dooley. County officials hope to expand the program. Partnering school districts include West Point, Starkville, and Oktibbeha County.

December 14, 2009

Oktibbeha County School Board gets initial results of Studio School

Kay Brocato and Chris Monson presented initial student outcomes from the two Studio School classrooms to the Oktibbeha County School Board at their regular June meeting. Studio School teacher Darwin Petras told the Board about his positive impressions of the semester. Data from teacher assessments anticipated that more than half of the participating students lowered their risk of drop-out, and more than 80% improved their academic motivation. Brocato and Monson also presented a proposal to continue with two Studio School classrooms for the 2009-10 school year. The Starkville Daily News has more information.

June 4, 2009

Studio School wraps up first semester

Students and teachers at East and West Oktibbeha County middle schools finished up their first semester of Studio School with different variations of a "house" design project. Students at East designed a dog/cat house for a particular breed, and students at West designed a dream house for themselves. The academic content addressed by the projects included math and literacy. Both classes employed measuring, scale drawings, modeling, and writing in the design work.

May 29, 2008

Oktibbeha County School Board hears progress on Studio School

Kay Brocato and Chris Monson presented an update to the Oktibbeha County School District Board on the work completed by teachers in preparation for opening two Studio School classrooms in the spring. Check out the front page story published in the Starkville Daily News.

December 2, 2008

MSU Day One leadership team hosts students at MSU vs. Vanderbilt

Prospective Noxubee County Studio School students Latreasea Gibson, Fredericka Johnson, Kenyattia King, Martize Mitchell, Lavareous Young, and Matthew Webb have befriended seven MSU Day One Leadership team members this semester. The new friends attended the MSU vs. Vanderbilt football game, enjoyed a picnic on the drill field, toured the MSU campus, participated in a career study, and shared a movie night while they got to know what college life was like. Click below to view some more pictures of participants at the event.

November 13, 2008