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Studio School is a rigorous learning environment driven by the method of Studio Based Learning (SBL). Studio School students learn by designing. In Studio School, learners propose solutions to ambiguous questions, critique those propositions through judgment from self and others, and iterate their proposals in ever more effective designs.

Brocato & Monson, 2007




School District Partners:
Noxubee County School District
Oktibbeha County School District
Starkville West Point

Community Partners:
Tennessee Valley Authority
Synergetics Inc.
Mr. Computer Man
Copy Cow
The Chalet
Dux d'Lux
Cadence Ban
ERA Realty
Bancorp South
Regions Bank
Broadcast Media
Starkville Public Library

University Partners:
Mississippi State University
The College of Education
The Department of Foundations and Leadership
The College of Art, Architecture, and Design
School of Architecture
The College of Veterinary Medicine
The College of Engineering
The College of Forest Resources
The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
The College of Business
Mississippi State Community Action Team Office (MS-CAT)

MSU Dean Partners
Richard Blackbourn, College of Education
Jim West, College of Architecture
Sarah Rajala, College of Engineering
Lynne Richardson, College of Business
Gary Myers, College of Arts and Sciences
George Hopper, College of Forest Resources

MSU Faculty Partners
Dr. Devon Brenner, College of Education
Dr. Dana Franz, College of Education
Dr. Brendon Frasier, College of Education
Dr. Jason Walker, College of Argiculture and Life Sciences
Dr. Phil Bushby, College of Veteranary Medicine
Dr. Terry Amburgie, College of Forest Resources
Dr. David Jones, College of Forest Resources
Dr. Ed Swann, Bagley College of Engineering
Dr. Bill Elmore, College of Engineering
Dr. Bruce Ebanks, College of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Deborah Eakin, College of Arts and Sciences

Regional Partners:
Appalachian Regional Commission

Statewide Partners:
Mississippi Department of Education

National Partners:
American Assoc. of University Women (AAUW)
CES Change Lab- Support through Modeling
Small School Network- Support through Modeling

July 28, 2007